Structured Cabling and Wiring


The performance of your network not only relies on your networking equipment and servers but also on the backbone that the information being passed back and forth travels across. LAN wiring is very important to the performance and success of your business. Old, faulty cabling or improperly installed cabling can cause significant downtime that can cost your business thousands of dollars in troubleshooting and diagnostic costs.


Relocating your office? SMART PCNY can design, plan and install your LAN wiring and data closet. We install cabling for data, voice and video systems. We are your complete IT Service Provider.


Structured Cabling and Wiring

Structured Cabling Installation

CAT 5e and CAT 6 premise wiring (Voice and Data)

RG59/RG6/RG11 Coax for CATV/CCTV distribution