Networking Services


Servers & Workgroups Computer Networking


Computer NetworkingNeed a centralized way to manage files and run intensive applications for more than a few

users? Depending on how many users and the type of

applications, you may need a server to handle the processing power to meet the requirements that today's applications demand. Need a domain or workgroup setup to share files amongst employees? Need file access security setup to restrict certain employees from accessing critical files and documents.


Let SMART PCNY evaluate your current network and create a solution that best suites your business model and needs. Having trouble connecting to your server? Or even need help upgrading your old out of date server to one with current hardware and Operating System?


SMART PCNY staff hold current certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco and many other industry vendors. Our Certifications range from Desktop and Server specialization to vendor specific hardware and software certification.


All technicians hold Microsoft MCP, MCSA and MCSE certifications that is recognized worldwide. Ours staff is qualified to setup, troubleshoot, design and implement networking technology to help your business meet the technology demand.


Call us for a quote! All work is fully guaranteed.



Wireless Networks


Wireless networks allow you to eliminate messy cables. Wireless connections offer more mobility, the downside is there can sometimes be interference that might block the radio signals from passing through. Sometimes nearby networks are using the same frequencies, this can also cause interference within the network and can reduce its performance.


Wireless NetworkingCompatibility issues also arise when dealing with wireless networks. Different components not made by the same vendors may not work together, or might require extra work to fix compatibility issues. Wireless network are more vulnerable to security breaches if it is not setup correctly.


Instead of second guessing, have SMART PCNY install, assess you current network for security compliance and performance issues. Let us implement a solution for you so so will not have to think about all the factors that can reek havoc on wireless network and end up costing you more.


Our certified staff will setup up your wireless network from A-Z, determining placement, compatibility issues with other networking equipment and ensure the latest and securest data encryption standards be implemented.



Network ManagementT1/DSL/Cable Installations


Getting a new broadband (ex – DSL, Cable Modem, T1) high speed connection. No worries; order your service and we'll take care of the rest.


We'll setup and configure your connection to your local area connection and get you connected to the Internet in no time. If your busy schedule does not allow you to take on the responsibility of ordering your service, SMART PCNY can be your technology liaison and get that service setup for you all while minimizing downtime.



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