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The cost of data recovery depends upon the size of the storage device and how it has failed. We provide a basic diagnosis of the drive's failure and a quotation for recovery. If you have questions about the category of the recovery, Please Call and we'll explain it to you. We have also partnered with DriveSavers to ensure your data is recovers even after the worst disasters. See additional info below.



Basic Data Recovery (Level A)


We examine your drive to determine the type of failure. If information can be recovered without the need of mechanical, electronic, or firmware repair, we will perform a Level A data recovery. We will recover your data to another (new) hard drive or other media, and return your old drive.



Data Recovery (Level B) Requiring Electronic, Mechanical, or Firmware Repair


If your drive has a failed logic board, bad heads, or defective firmware, we will have to address these problems first. In most cases, a matching donor is required for parts. We will recover your data to another storage device, and return your old drive.



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Additional Recovery Services


* USB Pen Drives

* NAS Drives

* SSD Hard Drives

* RAID Array Drives



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