Customer Reviews



"Sunday night, my hard drive started to run extremely slow. Monday morning, I made an appointment by emailing I got a response about 10 minutes later in forms of a phone call and an email message, letting me know they can come in the next day. I was impressed immediately by the response.


I consider myself to be a guy who knows a bit about technology. Hence, I called in a service person; I was disappointed that I allowed my computer to get to this point. The service person was not condescending and explained every aspect of what was wrong and how he checked my hard drive. He walked me through the process and let me know exactly what he was doing, which made me feel a LOT better about my computer problem.


The prices were very reasonable. I ended up having to get a new hard drive, which was actually an upgrade of 90 GB (160 to 250 GB). I ended up leaving with a new hard drive and an overall great experience.


If I ever had to get something repaired again (which I hope I don't, but still), I'll definitely go to SMARTPCNY without hesitation. As I was waiting on getting my Laptop fixed my Black Berry was freezing. They ask me to take a look at my Black Berry Pearl; coming to find out all I needed is a software update which I can do myself or they can do it for me.


Over all, a great experience with this family friendly SMARTPCNY Company they are truly SMART..."


-- -- Ronald, New Jersey




"smartpcny, how can I thank Thee, let me count the ways:

1. You recovered all the data from my Macbook after it crashed the other day and wouldn't start back up (oh and you got it running again, minor detail).
2. You were very friendly and informative during all interactions we had (over the phone, and in person) answering all the questions/concerns I had.
3. You were finished with my repairs faster then I expected.
4. My computer is running better now then it has in quite some time.
5. I could keep going but that would be a little weird =).

All joking aside though, I was really impressed by the setup they have going over at smartpcny. Since my computer crashed after my warranty had expired (isn't it always the case?), I honestly thought I was up S* creek without the proverbial paddle. A friend of mine directed me over to smartpcny, having just gone through a similar experience. Shaphon(one of the techs who helped me out) was incredibly helpful and returned my computer early, and running like a dream.

Thank you SMARTPCNY !


I cannot say it enough: smartpcny is simply OUTSTANDING


-- -- Jay Parker, New York