CCTV and IP Camera Surveillance


CCTV Camera

Need an eye on your establishment that does not blink. Help protect your investment assets or personal property with Closed Circuit Television systems or IP Camera based systems. Our solution are fully digital and even integrates with your current computer IP network to keep an eye on things while you may be away on a business trip or just vacationing. Viewing your cameras while you are away only requires access to a high speed internet connection.



CCTV has become the accepted tool for surveillance monitoring of business and organizations, protecting public places, protecting personal property. CCTV and IP based systems are designed to


operate continuously to help reduce crime, thefts and vandalism.


Installing a CCTV or IP Cameras can be a significant asset to any business or home to monitor and capture visual evidence in case criminal activities do take place resulting in improved chances of conviction.



CCTV Camera System


















Benefits of CCTV / IP Surveillance


Prevent Theft and Illicit Activities

CCTV systems are deployed to prevent theft and vandalism of property, and act as a deterrent to petty thieves and sophisticated criminals from indulging in criminal or illegal activities.


Aid Law Enforcement Activities

When deployed in public areas, crowded places and private property, CCTV can aid in law enforecement investigations and activities.

Promote Safe Work Environments

CCTV systems can monitor staff and other authorized personnel managing large facilities and data centers; preventing the pilfering of data, and other goods and assets. CCTV systems can facilitate better access control for employees and visitors, and promote a safe working environment.

Shore Up Legal Cases

New-generation CCTV systems have audio and digital voice capturing capabilities. Audio recordings coupled with video footage can be used as permissible evidence in courts to shore up legal cases.